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My Sources:

My thanks for letting me borrow your information for my web page.

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  30. Various Webpages for allowing me to borrow their gifs and information.
  31. Thanks to Fredrik Sibe and Bruce Grubb for taking the time to E-mail me with bits of info or corrections that I have added to my page.
  32. Thanks to Mike Kelly for the 1971 CCA information.
  33. A special thanks to Tom Brevoort for the year of Captain Victory #1 and Kurt Busiek for info on why comic companies didn't use the #1 gimmick back in the Silver Age.
  34. A very special thanks to Magyss, my brother, Timothy Chin, and William Kao for correcting some of my spelling and grammar on some of these pages. Also to Chemist for getting this page up.
  35. And another special thanks to Steve Cadigan (Comic Fan Union) for sending me articals on some Golden Age greats.
  36. More help came from the Platinum Age and Plat Pics Mailing Groups now hosted by Yahoo Groups.

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